Sonoran Cleaning Services Job Application Form

Thank you for your interest in applying for work with us. We look forward to working with you and enjoying success together. Please use the form below to submit your information. Thank you.
We try to match people with work in their area to make commuting as easy as possible. You are not required to live in the area you are applying to work in.
Sonoran Cleaning Services believes people should be given the opportunity to change their circumstances and have dignity in work. Each applicant will be assessed individually and given the opportunity to discuss any issues that may arise. We value open and honest communication when it comes to anything in an applicant's background.
We understand that medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona. You are responsible for following all existing laws related to marijuana in the state. We ask that you do not use or posses marijuana (in any form) while at work and while working.
For example, you are by yourself while cleaning a client's home or office and find something broken or you accidentally break something while cleaning. How did you handle the situation. If you don't have cleaning experience, tell us about an issue or problem that you have dealt with in your workplace; what was the issue and how did you resolve it?
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