Statement On Covid-19

All of us are now dealing with this new reality in these days of Covid-19. Cleaning companies have gone from quietly working behind the scenes to now on the front lines of this battle to keep our community safe. We welcome the challenge, since cleaning and sanitizing your office space has always been our priority, but even more so now. We are committed to working safely and consistently providing you a clean office environment. We are following and updating our processes, and educating ourselves as new information is provided by the CDC. We have always worn gloves as we cleaned, but now we also have begun using masks. Any employee who does not feel safe in the current environment is never required to work; and any employee who shows any symptoms are asked to stay home. No one will lose their jobs with Sonoran Cleaning Services due to this pandemic. We value the hard work and dedication of our employees and the safety of our clients.

It must be noted that there is a difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. In short the chemicals used and the time the chemical must remain on the surface to kill disease are not the same. Cleaning is just the act of removing dirt and debris. Sanitizing is different for each product used and can have a time on surface of minute or more, while disinfection calls for longer time on the surface such as 10 minutes or more. We follow the label instructions for each product and use products recognized by the CDC to fight infections and diseases. These methods are not foolproof, nor can we guarantee that an office environment will be free from a Covid-19 event if other precautions are not taken.

Finally I wanted to touch on a related topic that is sweeping the cleaning industry and in-fact you may have begun to receive much advertising and solicitation for such cleaning services; fogging and spraying or misting. I wanted to advise you on the current state of treatments to prevent or clean an environment after a Covid-19 incident. There is a lot of talk and advertisements for spraying or fogging or misting your entire office. I wanted to pass along my thoughts on what I”m seeing in the cleaning industry.

First it should be noted that the CDC does not recommend the use of fogging. Here is a quote from their website: “More research is required to clarify the effectiveness and reliability of fogging, UV irradiation, and ozone mists to reduce norovirus environmental contamination. (No recommendation/unresolved issue)” LINK HERE

I see many people jumping on this bandwagon to offer this service. I have seen people using machines not designed for this service, such as bug sprayers and bug foggers and I have seen the results of people not using the correct chemicals that have ended up causing property damage.

Here is my advice; if you have not had a Covid-19 incident and you are not having a large public traffic in your office, I would not advise this service. If you have and believe you need such a service here is what I recommend. Make sure the company has at least 1.5-2 years experience prior to this outbreak of Covid-19. Make sure they have extensive training, qualifications and certifications for the chemicals they are using. Many of these EPA disinfectants require certifications and possibly a license to use them. Ask about safety, for you and your employees, your clients and your property; making sure they have the proper insurance as well. And beware of claims to keep your office or home protected over time. Some companies may be telling you that by using their disinfection service, they can protect your from COVID-19; that is a false statement according to the EPA. Please read the following short article:

Is there anything I can do to make surfaces resistant to Covid-19?

Our purpose in touching on these techniques to fight Covid-19 is not to impugn the work of those cleaning companies that are doing good work and have a history of training, education and service in this particular area but just to give advice to those seeking information.

Daniel - Owner and Manager of Sonoran Cleaning Services