How much does it cost for nightly office cleaning?

This is probably the most searched question when you are considering hiring a cleaning company, and with good reason. You need to know if the price you are paying not only fits within your budget, but also if the service you are receiving is worth the cost.

You probably have read many search results that talk about price per square foot or give you an estimated hourly rate, but you are not given a clear understanding of what you may pay. So here is the answer to your all depends.

How is that for an original answer?, but in all honestly, cleaning services are not a “cookie cutter” service where an email or phone quote will really give you an idea of what your paying for. There are many variables that need to be taken into account when a cleaning company provides you a quote.

The main factor starts with the size of your office. Each office is different in it's own right. Yes there are typically rooms and cubicles, a conference room, a kitchen and several bathrooms, but how big is the office? What type of flooring is in the office? Is it a one person job or will it take two people?

Do you need trash service each night but cleaning only once or twice in the week? Nightly trash service can help control odors, especially for your kitchen or break room area and help keep bathroom facilities cleaner as well.

Or maybe it's not an office that you need to have cleaned, but an entire building. Multiple floors, many bathrooms, stairwells, lobbies, and long hallways with drinking fountains. Are you only needing nightly cleaning, or is day-porter services also necessary.

It's only with an on-site visit can any of these things truly be known. And once on-site, then we can determine not only the size and layout of the office, but also have a better idea if it's going to take one hour, or more to clean your office. This also affects your quote since the cost of labor is the largest part of the cost to provide the service.

The final factors that go into your cleaning quote include knowing how many days a week you would like service. Are you just needing general cleaning, or are there special cleaning needs specific to your office? Also, the cost of equipment and supplies to clean your office are also included in the price; and of course such costs as insurance all come together to give you your cleaning rate.

What type of services are included in office cleaning?

Most companies will provide some standard services to all clients. They would include but not limited to the following list:

  • Dusting and wiping down surfaces
  • Cleaning Bathrooms (Sinks, mirrors, toilets)
  • Cleaning kitchen area/break room
  • Restocking consumables: toilet paper, paper-towels, soap, toilet seat covers
  • Dusting of desks, computer monitors and wiping down desks
  • Dusting of blinds and window sills (typically done on a bi weekly or monthly basis as needed)
  • Trash removal and replacement of bags
  • Cleaning glass surfaces: table-tops, doors, and mirrors (windows are typically done at an additional charge)
  • Cleaning and polishing any stainless steel
  • Cleaning of floors: sweeping, dust mop, vacuum and/or wet mopping

Any additional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, exterior windows or a deep cleaning such as floor scrubbing or floor buffing would need to be worked out as an additional cost with the cleaning company at an appropriate time.

Finally you may need the services of a day-porter for your office building to maintain the facility throughout the day.

What is a Day-Porter and do I need one?

A day-porter is basically a cleaner who works during the day, typically for an office complex with public spaces. They provide a higher level of service and care, not only for your building as the owner or property manager, but also for your tenants and their clients.

They will perform many of the same duties as your night time cleaning crew will, but they are there during the busiest parts of your buildings day to make sure the appearance and upkeep of your building is maintained. They can quickly respond to any cleaning “emergencies” like a mess in a bathroom.

General duties such as making sure bathrooms are clean of debris; trash is being emptied, and the ladies room does not run out of toilet paper are several of the important tasks a day-porter does.

They can also be on-site as the “eyes” for your property manager and maintenance department. They can identify problems and report them to the appropriate people such as a leaky faucet, a broken door or let the property manager know of an issue on the exterior of the building.

Day-porters can be on-site all day, for several hours or if needed stop by each midday to keep the facilities clean and presentable.

What does it mean to be bonded and insured?

A cleaning company should be bonded and insured. It not only protects you as the client, but also gives protection for the cleaning company as well. Both are important, but provide different types of assurance for the client when giving unfettered, unsupervised access to their offices at night.

A bond is a type of insurance, but not as you would typically think of. What a bond does, it provides protection if an employee of the cleaning company is dishonest such as stealing from the client. The bond is paid out when such an employee is convicted of a crime related to his or her actions on the job.

This is why it is important to make sure your cleaning company does a background check. Not only ask them if they do a background check, but also ask them the process of the check. What service do they use? Is it a reputable background check company? Do they do a nation wide search of law enforcement databases?

A cleaning company that is bonded and does background checks provide a higher level of assurance that they care not only about your business, but your property and the safety of your employees. Your office is almost like your second home and you need to be confident about who is in your office at night when your not there.

Insurance, as we would typically think of it, provides protection for your property. Most cleaning companies who have insurance, carry a general liability insurance. General liability insurance is just like it sounds; it protects a business against the risk of unintentional accidents, which include bodily injury and property damage to a third party.

It not only protects the cleaning company from the actions of it's employees, but also can protect your property as well. You can rest assured that when your office is being cleaned, your property is safe and secure.

Ask what type of insurance your cleaning company carries. Who is the insurance provider and what are the liability amounts? A good cleaning company will have no problem showing you proof of coverage.

Just Ask!

Hopefully this article has provided you with some basic answers about your potential hiring of an office cleaning company. Don't hesitate to talk to you prospective cleaning company about these topics, nor hesitate to ask any additional questions that you may have.

Get all the information you can so you can make the best decision for your business and your cleaning needs. If you don't get the answers you want, then keep searching for the nightly office cleaner you can feel comfortable with.